TWICE Nayeon Stalker Reportedly Threatening Her Life If She Keeps Ignoring Him, ‘This Is A Life And Death Situation For Me’

ONCE are alarmed and seriously worried about TWICE Nayeon after a recent voice recording spread over the internet.

Since March 1, an internet user uploaded a voice recording to social media and the voice is suspected to be that of Nayeon’s stalker. The stalker is saying very alarming things implying he might actually harm Nayeon if she continues to ignore him.

In the voice recording fans have since shared to JYP, he can be heard saying,

“This is a life and death situation in which me and Nayeon might die soon. and this is not a joke. Me and Nayeon might die soon if she keeps ignoring me and if the fake news brain wash her. Then I give up and then what happens is, we both die. We will be dead and people don’t understand this.”

The stalker has been posting messages to Nayeon on YouTube in video format begging her to answer him so ONCE already know what his voice sounds like. A fan told other ONCEs that they have already sent the recording to JYP for them to take action and be on their guard.

To make matters worse, the stalker has been posting alarming messages on twitter that shows he could be mentally instable. He’s repeating over and over again that he’s ‘suffering.’

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To all once, please report this to JYP at [email protected]

We hope this issue gets resolved soon and JYP takes the proper action to ensure she’s well-protected.

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