TWICE Nayeon Infamous Stalker Will Be Arrested As Soon As He Steps Foot In Korea, JYP Confirms

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We have good news to share with ONCE!

On March 18, JYP made a surprising announcement regarding the ongoing case with Nayeon and the infamous foreigner stalker who has been stalking her for a while now causing serious concern among fans.

JYP told Star Today that Nayeon has decided to withdraw the restraining order on her stalker. The news was a surprise but JYP had a good explanation for that, they explained that they’ve had problems with its delivery and have decided to withdraw it. They assured fans they will proceed with it once he arrives in South Korea again.

While this might’ve garnered negative attention from fans, JYP followed that by explaining that they ‘did not withdraw the criminal complaint for Interference with Business.’ They added that measures have been taken to ensure that when the stalker arrives in Korea, the Immigration Service will contact the police department in charge and have him directly taken from the airport.

This is the happy news ONCE have been waiting to hear for a long time now. In January of 2020, he boarded the same airplane as TWICE and caused a huge disturbance to the flight. That was when JYP decided to file a restraining order against him.

His continuous remarks about Nayeon on social media adds to ONCE’s fury, he also recently worried fans deeply when he stated that ‘something bad’ will happen if he doesn’t get what he wants. He reportedly threatened her life, more details here.

Fans have been actively reporting his social media activities related to Nayeon to JYP’s email.

We’re glad that action is being taken to protect Nayeon!  

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