“The World Of The Married” Taking Over “Itaewon Class” Time Slot Has Already Surpassed The 10% In Ratings


It looks like JTBC has a new hit drama on their hands!

Fans are still talking about “Itaewon Class” and there has been a lot of buzz about the drama that is set to take over the same time slot.

“Itaewon Class” broke so many records during its run and it has become the second most viewed JTBC drama ever. Fans have been wondering if the drama that’ll air afterwards will have the same level of success.

“The World Of The Married” aired its first and second episodes on March 27 and 28 respectively to great response. It has broken records already.

The first episode broke JTBC records; it scored an average of 6.3% nationwide according to Nielsen Korea. “The World Of The Married” has become the highest viewed JTBC drama premiere in history.

Things only got better with its second episode, “The World Of The Married” scored an average of 10% nationwide according to Nielsen Korea, it has surpassed the double digits in ratings, a very difficult feat even for publicly available channels and its even a bigger deal for cable channel dramas.

Its precedent “Itaewon Class” reached the 10% in ratings with its 5th episode comparatively.  

“The World Of The Married” tells the story of a successful wife (played by Kim Hee Ae) who seemingly leads a happy life with her husband and son, one day she discovers that her husband is cheating on her.

Have you seen the premiere of “The World Of The Married” yet?

My Personal Thoughts

JTBC is on a roll, its epic. They’re choosing great projects and I am here for it.

I’ve seen the premiere of “The World Of The Married” and I didn’t expect to love it so much, it was fucking epic. A review is coming soon. I liked “Itaewon Class” but I feel like I am going to love “The World Of The Married” even more because of its intense plot. Since its already at 10% in ratings, I expect it to reach 20% in 6 to 7 episodes, I think we might have the drama that’ll break “SKY Castle” record. Its too early to tell but its so good so far and it looks like it’ll become more unpredictable and interesting as time goes by. As long as the writer does a good job, this drama will be one of the most talked-about in 2020, I can already feel it.

This is not a drama for the youngsters, it has a 19+ rating as well but its so good guys, you have to check it out.


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