The Sweet Thing Heechul Told Song Ji Hyo About His Girlfriend TWICE Momo

Song Ji Hyo revealed an adorable thing Heechul had told her about Momo during a recent variety show appearance.

Song Ji Hyo was among the guest of March 14 episode of “Knowing Brothers.” During the show she was asked by Kang Ho Dong if she had contacted Heechul recently,

“There was good news recently. Did you contact him to say congratulations?”

Kang Ho Dong was referring to the dating news confirmation between Heechul and TWICE Momo that was confirmed in January of 2020.

Song Ji Hyo revealed that she had actually contacted him to say congratulations, Heechul replied with, ‘thank you noona,’ Song Ji Hyo added that he said something that left an impression on her,

“He told me, Momo is a nice/good person.”

Heechul denied he had said this at first, Song Ji Hyo jokingly threatened to reveal her phone messages, ‘my phone is here.’

Check out the sweet clip below: