A recent video has attracted the attention of fans because of its content about BLACKPINK.

On March 12, Youtube channel ‘후커들 (Hu Keo Deul)’ uploaded a video of an interview with someone who claims to be a former YG Entertainment employee. The identity was concealed for his/her protection.

The alleged former employee made some shocking admissions; they stated that BLACKPINK doesn’t have any male staff near them because of Teddy. They claim that Teddy’s label, The Black Label is in charge of them despite them being under YG,

“Teddy knows the members are pretty so he hates it when there is male staff around them. That’s why all the staff members are women.”

the alleged staff member

This is the same former employee who gained attention for stating they saw Seungri at a bar in Shinsadong back in January. The video was set to private after it gained attention by various media outlets.

But BLACKPINK fans immediately pointed out how far from the truth those claims are. BLACKPINK members all have male managers and many fans have seen videos of them around with male staff, the styling team is usually composed mostly of women in any group not only BLACKPINK.

Others also brought to attention how ridiculous it seems that Teddy is responsible for managing BLACKPINK when they’re under YG and he’s only a music producer who is in charge of a separate label altogether, the claims don’t hold much of ground against BLACKPINK fans who know a lot of information about their girls.

Many dismissed the claims and called them ‘lies.’ What do you think of this?



  1. I agree with the other BLINKs cuz I always see BLACKPINK with a lot of security gards and that is except for their managers and all the other employees, so this information is totally wrong


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