“The King: Eternal Monarch” Side Accused Of Abusing Its Casting Power, Staff Strongly Denies


Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun highly anticipated upcoming drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” is already facing controversy and its generating lots of negative reactions from netizens.

News outlet Market News released a report claiming that “The King: Eternal Monarch” side had abused their power and chose to remove an actor without discussing or giving prior notice.

The report details that the actor went into great lengths to prepare for their role and didn’t even pursue other drama projects after being initially cast it the drama. However, the actor was suddenly removed simply because the script change, the production team removed the actor without notice and their time spent preparing for the role was wasted.

However, the staff of the SBS drama strongly denied the accusations made by the report. A source from the drama released an official statement denying they had made a one-sided decision to remove the actor without prior notice or discussion.

They start their statement with,

“The article about ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ abuse of power regarding casting is not true.”

They explain that after checking the facts with the casting director team, the actor mentioned was cast in October of 2019 as a detective but after the script was changed and the character became older, the final casting fell through.

They claim that there was a delay in the casting director process of communicating the decision and it resulted in a misunderstanding with the actor’s agency,

“The casting director later apologized and the director personally called to explain the situation and why the casting fell through. The actor’s agency understood and it was peacefully resolved.”

They close their statement showing regrets about the reports about “The King: Eternal Monarch” being involved in such controversy ahead of its premiere and promised to make a good project.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” is one of the most anticipated SBS dramas of the year, it will air its first episode on April 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

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