The 20 Biggest Entertainment Companies Pick The Top Kpop Boy And Girl Groups, Rookies And Soloists of 2020

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Esteemed Korean media outlet “Sports Chosun” has celebrated its 30th anniversary since creation and to celebrate that they asked employees from the top 20 entertainment companies to cast their votes for the top Kpop boy group, top girl group, top soloist, hot rookie of 2020.

Representatives from 20 companies including SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, Woollim, Pledis, Play M, Cre.Ker, Cube, Block Berry Creative, MLD, FNC, Music Works, KQ, Source Music, RBW, P-Nation, Swing Entertainment, Yuehua, and more voted on the top of each category.

Check out the results:

The top boy groups:

  1.  BTS
  2.  EXO
  4.  MONSTA X
  5.  NU’EST
  6.  NCT
  7.  GOT7
  8.  ATEEZ
  9.  TXT
  10.  BIGBANG
  11.  SF9
  12.  Shinhwa
  13.  SuperM
  14.  H.O.T
  15.  Super Junior/2PM/Golden Child/PENTAGON/ONEUS (tie)

Top Girl Groups:

  1.  TWICE
  2.  Red Velvet
  4.  IZ*ONE
  5.  (G)I-DLE
  6.  Mamamoo
  7.  LOONA
  8.  ITZY
  10.  SNSD
  11.  Wonder Girls
  12.  AOA/Fin K.L/MOMOLAND (tie)
  13.  2NE1/Dreamcatcher/Everglow (tie)

Top soloists:

  1.  IU
  2.  Taeyeon
  3.  Chungha
  4.  Zico
  5.  Sunmi
  6.  Paul Kim
  7.  Kang Daniel
  8.  Baek Yerin
  9.  Song Gain
  10.  Rain
  11.  Yang Joon Il/Lee Hyori/Taemin/Heize (tie)
  12.  Kim Gunmo/Baekhyun (tie)
  13.  Luri
  14.  Chen/Hwasa/Jeon Somi (tie)

Top rookies:

  1.  ITZY
  2.  TXT
  3.  ATEEZ
  4.  AB6IX
  5.  Everglow
  6.  (G)I-DLE/HYNN/ANS (tie)


10. Kang Daniel/VERIVERY/Baek Yerin (tie)

13. CIX/DKB/Kim Jaehwan

What do you think of their choices? Do you agree with them?

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