Sooyoung Boyfriend Of 8 Years, Jung Kyung Ho, Shows Support To Her Drama In The Most Romantic Way Possible

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Jung Kyung Ho knows how to take care of his girlfriend!

On March 16, Sooyoung took to her Instagram story to share photos and videos of coffee, snack and food trucks that were sent to the set of her currently airing drama “Tell Me What You Saw.”

The three carts were sent by her Stylist team, Cellcure (a brand she’s currently endorsing) and her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

Jung Kyung Ho’s cart attracted attention the most among the carts because fans noticed that the man behind it was preparing steak for everyone on set. Sooyoung thanked everyone,

“I will fill myself with food and recharge so I can run ahead.”

Jung Kyung Ho also wrote a cute message on the truck banner that reads,

“I support the cast and crew of ‘Tell Me What You Saw’! Please enjoy the food and good luck till the end.”

Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Kyung Ho are known for being supportive of each other projects. The couple began dating in 2012 and has been going strong ever since.

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