Song Joong Ki Will Go Under Self-Isolation After Returning To South Korea

Song Joong Ki will be isolating himself for two weeks after returning from Colombia.

On March 24, Song Joong Ki arrived safely back to South Korea, he’s been filming with the rest of his upcoming movie “Bogota” cast members in Colombia. The cast and production staff have been filming since January 2020.

Its been reported that due to coronavirus pandemic the cast and staff struggled to find flights back to South Korea, they had to take different flights to reach Seoul.

Song Joong Ki arrived today early morning and quickly left the airport to return to his home. He will self-quarantine himself because of the virus for two weeks as well as the rest of the crew and cast members.

His agency told news outlets that his health is currently good and he’s showing no issues. He will be taking a rest and will be monitored for the next two weeks.

The below video of the actor is the first time he’s been seen out and about since his divorce news.

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