SM Entertainment Refuses To Accept Chen’s Destroyed Merchandise Packages From Fans


SM Entertainment ain’t having it!

As previously reported, some so-called EXO-Ls thought it was a good idea to send packages of Chen’s merchandise to SM headquarters; the packages contain Chen’s destroyed merchandise and if you’re asking why it’s because those ‘fans’ want to continue protesting Chen’s marriage and baby news. They continue to demand his departure from EXO despite SM’s stance on this subject previously.

It’s been revealed that their plan to cause issues has failed because SM submitted a refusal-to-receive notice to the post office. Since many packages had no return address, it will take a while before they’re sent back to their owners.

This is not only stupid but will also cause inconvenience to the delivery workers during such difficult times. South Korea is fighting the coronavirus outbreak and k-netizens are criticizing those fans who are obstructing businesses and causing inconvenience due to their selfishness.

Many are also feeling sorry for the delivery workers who will have to deal with many deliveries from those fans.

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What do you think of this issue?


  1. I think these people are so stupid but I also wished that idols would stop telling fans that they belong to them or that their nothing without them. This makes them believe it to a sickening degree. They are so hypocritical fans and I am glad that SM isn’t allowing them to dictate them.

  2. SM, thank you for not getting involved in the foolishness. Those people are not real fans. Chen is treated like an inanimate object instead of a human.

  3. Like seriously?? Cn u guys do something more better dn D’s? People’s r dying out der..fghtin for der lives n D’s stupid k-netizens have no any othr btr works to do…. Leave CHEN all alone…u guys don’t own him…. Get a life guys

  4. Really, these peoples are crazy and harsh ,they shouldn’t be so selfish, if they are real fans they would support him not criticize him ,I as an exo l am so happy that chen found the love of his life .


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