Rookie Actress Yoo Hye Won agency has responded to dating rumors with former BIGBANG member Seungri.

On March 9, Seungri enlisted for his mandatory military service. While he exited his car, a woman was spotted behind him by reporters’ cameras;  netizens also spotted what they believe to be his dog, she usually shares photos of it to her social media.

Fans soon suspected the woman to be rookie actress Yoo Hye Won. She’s been previously rumored to be dating Seungri in 2018 before his scandals. At the time, YG didn’t disclose a clear statement to confirm or deny the news.

After photos of her spread all over social media, a representative from her label SBD Entertainment responded to media outlets inquiries regarding her relationship status with Seungri.

The rep stated,

“This is a matter of her personal private life, so it’s difficult to confirm.”

This marks Seungri and Yoo Hye Won’s second dating rumors since October of 2018.

The rookie actress has appeared in a web drama in 2018 and she gained attention for her visuals.

Check out the video where she was spotted by cameras below:


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