Fans still can’t get over Park Bo Gum cameo appearance on the finale of “Itaewon Class.”

Fans terribly miss Park Bo Gum and were glad to see him on the small screen again after a while. In his first drama appearance of 2020, Park Bo Gum shocked fans with his new short haircut.

Fans are split on how to feel about the short haircut, some love it while others, not so much. Regardless, fans were excited to see him on screen again, and the topic of his hairstyle has gotten fans to wonder if he’s preparing for his military enlistment.

Short haircuts similar to the one Park Bo Gum was seen with recently are usually done for soldiers who are about to go off to the military. While it’s definitely not as short as the regular buzz haircut, but it was short enough to get fans wondering about his future activities.

However, it’s important to point out that Park Bo Gum will likely not be going away any time soon. He’s currently preparing for his drama return opposite Park So Dam in “Youth Record” that is set to air in May 2020. Added to that, Park Bo Gum was born in 1993 and still has time before he must enlist to the military.

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What do you think of his new haircut? do you like it or not?  



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