OT6 Stans Bash MONSTA X For Hanging Out With Wonho, Hyungwon Posts A Lengthy Apology

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In ‘what did you just say?’ news today, we have something that’ll make your blood boil.

On March 22, fans noticed that MONSTA X Hyungwon posted a lengthy apology to the group’s official fan café. He apologized on the behalf of the group, but some fans didn’t understand what was going on and why he posted such a lengthy apology to the fan café.

It turns out that his apology was likely due to the toxic OT6 stans of MONSTA X and here is why:

Fans have posted pictures of MONSTA X and Wonho hanging out together recently. Fans all over the world celebrated the happy pictures, Wonho was smiling and fans had even more renewed hope to see him back with the group. It’s the first time they’ve seen MONSTA X hang out with Wonho since what happened in October of 2019. Wonho was recently cleared of all charges against and even spoke about his decision to step down from the group, you can read about it here.

However, this was not happy news to OT6 stans of the group and that’s because they supported Wonho’s removal from the group, they bashed the group for hanging out with Wonho, yup you read that right.

In what fans believe to be a response to those toxic so-called fans, Hyungwon posted an apology to the fan café; he didn’t address the dinner with exact words but heavily hinted it at. Fans and various news outlets also believe his apology is in reference to what the OT6 stans did.

He starts off his post with an apology directed towards Monbebe saying ‘I am so sorry,’ and says in the end, they were ‘complacent,’ and says he’d like to apologize to fans for the things they couldn’t do,

“In the future, we’ll be more careful and work harder so Monbebe won’t have a hard time.”


He references a ‘misunderstanding’ in his apology and says he didn’t want to hurt fans or see them suffer because of the group. One line of his apology that got lots of attention reads ‘this is a space only for MONSTA X and Monbebe.’

Check out the full apology below:

After fans found out about the apology they trended the hashtag #MonbebeProudOfHyungwon, they expressed their love and appreciation for Hyungwon and the rest of MONSTA X including Wonho.

Check out some of their tweets below:


What do you think of this situation?

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