Netizens Think Chungha Has Had Work Done On Her Face After Seeing These Instagram Photos

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Netizens are back at it again, this time speculating whether singer Chungha has had work done on her face.

On March 6, Chungha posted a couple of selfies backstage at the 29th High 1 Seoul Music Awards. This marks Chungha’s first public appearance since the coronavirus outbreak and the news of two staff members from her agency testing positive for the coronavirus.

She had been in self-isolation for a while after returning from Italy. Fans were happy to see her back again, but the photos also drew attention because many began speculating if Chungha had gotten work done on her face.

Some of their comments included:

wow, look at those lip fillers…

she looks like a ghost

She definitely got plastic surgery

She already had many surgeries done!

Her face is always changing..

and more.

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Check out the instagram post below:

Do you think she’s got anything done to her face?

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