A recent community post on Nate has been gaining attention; the user asks others which fandoms they believe has the toughest mentality.

Fandoms are devoted fans of a certain group that vow to stand by their idols and always be there for them despite all the scandals they could go through including dating news, drug issues, members departures and more.

Under the post, many discussed who they believe takes the cake, EXO-Ls were noticeably mentioned in the forum, and the reason was three members departures and Chen’s recent pregnancy and marriage news that shook the k-side to its core.

Many netizens on the post (fan and nonfans) agreed that EXO-Ls have the toughest mentality. However, when the forum made its way to the international side many disagreed and named SHINee’s fandom and X1 fandom their picks, BLINKs also stated they believe they’re one of the toughest for a variety of reasons including YG’s lack of management for BLACKPINK.

Who do you think has the toughest mentality?


  1. Definitely Shawols since they had to go thru a death of one of the members. Personally I think nothing can be as heart renching as that. Also F(x) fans coz of the same reason. Tbh a lot of fandoms have had to go thru a lot but I personally believe that Shawols and F(x) fans ( I’m not sure if their official fandom name) have had to go thru A LOT


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