NCT 127 Fans Exhibit Shocking Inconsiderate Behavior Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak At The Airport


Coronavirus has apparently no control over NCT 127 Fans!

On March 12, NCT 127 arrived at Incheon Airport after finishing overseas schedule. Videos of their arrival were posted on the internet and it garnered negative feedback from basically anyone with a brain.

The Korean government has been doing its best to contain the coronavirus outbreak after becoming one of the most infected countries outside China. Due to the outbreak, a lot of activities in the Kpop industry have been canceled and fans are being advised not to seek their idols at the airport due to overcrowding issues that could potentially cause problems for everyone including the members, the staff, the fans and anyone who happens to be around the group at the airport.

Despite what you’d think would be the normal reaction, some of NCT 127 fans still waited at the airport and mobbed the members surrounding them for that perfect picture. They’re being criticized for being inconsiderate and rude, many are pointing out that if they truly cared for NCT 127 members, they wouldn’t do this during such difficult challenging times.

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Check out the video below:

What do you think of such behavior?


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