Lee Chi Hoon’s Mother Releases A Detailed Timeline Of The Month Leading To Her Son’s Tragic Death Dispelling COVID-19 and Shincheonji Cult Rumors

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Lee Chi Hoon’s Mother is in a lot of pain due to the rumors regarding the tragic sudden passing of her 32-year-old son and she took to social media to clarify some of the rumors and deny he’s died from COVID-19 (the coronavirus).

On March 30, she took to her social media account to explain what happened to her son sharing a detailed account of the timeline leading up to his tragic death hoping to put rumors to rest.

She denied the rumors that he was part of the Shincheonji ‘cult,’ which has been reported to have been largely responsible for the outbreak of the virus in South Korea.

Note: below isn’t the full translation of the mother’s detailed account but the summary and important points she shared.  

She denied that he passed away from the virus and explains that he hasn’t traveled overseas and he never went to Daegu and didn’t even leave the house much. She revealed that he only left two times this past month and his movements didn’t overlap with any patient. She says she’s been with him and she doesn’t have the virus.

Lee Chi Hoon’s mother explained that on March 10, her son was diagnosed with lymphadenitis by an otolaryngologist. 4 days later, he started feeling aches all over his body so he tested for influenza and had an appointment with the doctor for an injection adding,

“On March 17, my son visited the health care center to test for the virus and on his way home, his body temperature fell and lost focus in his eyes. Because we were fearful, we called for emergency services.

My son was hospitalized in an isolated room and the doctors diagnosed him with viral encephalitis.”

She added that the doctors informed her that her son tested negative for the virus on March 18 and after getting moved to the regular emergency center, he passed away on March 19.

The mother ended her statement with a heartbreaking note saying she doesn’t know whether it’s a dream or real life,

“I just hope that this is a dream I can wake up from.”

May his soul rest in peace!

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