Kim So Eun Cries When Talking About The Late Jeon Mi Sun Tragic Sudden Death

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Actress Kim So Eun was overwhelmed with emotions when talking about the late actress Jeon Mi Sun at “Are You In Love” press screening.

The upcoming movie held a press screening on March 17, the lead actress Kim So Eun attended the screening alongside Sung Hoon, Kim So Hye, Lee Pan Do, and director Kim Jung Kwon.

The film will premiere this month but it was originally filmed two years ago. The actors looked back on their time working on the film, Kim So Eun cried when talking about working with the late actress Jeon Mi Sun who played the role of her mother in the film.

Kim So Eun said,

“Jeon Mi Sun and I had great chemistry on set. I found it very easy to play the role of her daughter, and we were able to film our scenes with ease.The most memorable scene to me was when I was washing her feet.

After learning about what happened to her, I was sad for a long time. I still feel sad about it.”

Jeon Mi Sun was only 48 years old when she tragically took her own life at a hotel in Jeonju on June 29, 2019.

“Are You In Love” will premiere on March 25.

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