Kahi Buried In Negative Comments After Posting Photos Enjoying The Beach Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Kahi is under heavy criticism for her social media posts!

Kahi recently posted a couple of photos with her family out and about enjoying their time on the beach in Bali. They had no masks on and her children played around in the sand and around the ocean.

The photos have since been deleted and Kahi has released a statement via Instagram (which has also been deleted) explaining her decision to post these photos, she defended her decision to go out despite the current state of the coronavirus pandemic that’s been hitting everyone hard.

Here are the main takeaways from her long statement:

  • She’s having a hard time these days.
  • Says everyone wants a place to run outside with their children happily.
  • Explains she went outside the playground of their house for a bit, they went to the zoo and to the mountains afterward wearing masks.
  • Says she feels grateful these days and despite receiving love for being a celebrity, she’s also someone’s mom and her choice of coming out to the ocean was her ‘heart as a parent.’
  • Says her kids had runny noses and were coughing but going outside and being touched by sunlight and playing with sand made it all go away, ‘I felt their cold went away due to nature’s strength.’
  • Her family is returning to Korea soon since the place is becoming more dangerous and it’s difficult to get tested.
  • Says she has even more respect towards Korea now and is going back with a respectful heart and will try living more thoughtfully and carefully.

According to Korean news outlets, Kahi had also turned her account to private then set it back to public again to apologize, she asked netizens to forgive her for her foolish writing,

“I am sorry for everyone who was disappointed by me, please forgive my foolishness. I am this immature and lacking.”

She followed that with another post to her Instagram calling out news articles that are using photos of her and her children when covering the story,

“Writing an article with pictures of my children… sigh

I feel like my heart is going to explode… crazy, it’s all really too much….”

Despite her multiple posts addressing the situation, she was called out for her in consideration of the current situation by netizens for going out in such terrible times and not practicing social distancing. Many comments are still very critical of Kahi.

Some comments include,

“Stop posting to SNS…”

“It’s dangerous out there in Bali so you’re coming back then?”

“Stay there…”

“If you cared about this country state you wouldn’t have uploaded such posts..”

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Kahi should not be sorry for anything. It shows that she is a loving parent. To have a family day at the beach is great, regardless the Corona virus. Just remember to be safe and aware of the situation. People should not judge Kahi, she seem to be a good mom.

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