K-Netizens Shocked To Find Out About BLINKs Cursing At Every WINNER-Related Comeback Post On Twitter

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It seems that Korean news outlets and communities are getting a hold of how some international BLINKs are reacting to WINNER’s comeback plans and it’s not looking pretty.

It’s been a couple of weeks since YG Entertainment announced that WINNER would be coming back. Fans were excited because it will likely be their last comeback before their oldest member enlists in the military. Jinu must enlist by 2020 according to military laws.

On March 12, WINNER posted their first-ever photo teaser of their upcoming comeback set to be released on March 26. While WINNER fans happily reacted to the news, BLACKPINK fans, BLINKs, were harsh in the comment section of any posts that shared the news. If you browse their official twitter account you’ll see many terrible comments made by one specific other fandom.

Korean online communities shared snippets of many tweets by BLINKs in reaction to WINNER comeback posts; they’re stunned to find out that the group is receiving massive hate from another group fandom simply because they’re coming back.

Note: please don’t confuse fandom actions to their own group. BLACKPINK has no control over their behavior. also, this is not to state that every fan of BLACKPINK behaves likes that.

WINNER just like BLACKPINK has no control over their comeback or the company matters and its sad that some people from the fandom react so negatively. While I don’t usually cover such stories to not give attention to such fans, I found it interesting that Korean online communities got a hold of those tweets and decided to write this and share k-netizens reactions. The post on Nate garnered over 100,000 views as of this writing.

Here are some of their reactions:

Im fucking speechless, I can’t believe they quoted Kang Seungyoon’s tweet like that and are cursing at WINNER every time something about them gets posted. They’re always looking at them and calling them ‘flop’ and saying they use BP’s money. In fact, they’re using money from their tours and producing their own music without relying on Teddy. Its despicable how they curse at winner every day.

Its not urgent but it must not be concealed anymore, international fans should not do that anymore.

I am a fan of another group so I didn’t know that Bp fans did that, It looks like I have to support Winner now.

and more.

What do you think of this?

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