Jooheon To Resume Activities With MONSTA X As They Announce Comeback Plans

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On March 25, it was reported that Jooheon is set to resume activities with his fellow MONSTA X members after taking a hiatus in January of 2020 due to anxiety. He took time off to focus on treatment and its been reported he plans on resuming activities with the rest of his group soon.

Later, Starship confirmed the news to the press. They also revealed that MONSTA X is planning for a comeback in the first half of 2020. Jooheon is said to have stabilized his condition through continuous treatment and rest.

All eyes are on MONSTA X and the music they will put out soon after their success on the Billboard 200 chart recently.

MONSTA X members also recently made headlines for their donations to fight the coronavirus epidemic in South Korea.

In related news, Wonho was cleared of all charges against him recently, he also spoke up about why he left MONSTA X in an interview with Dispatch which you can read about here.

He was also spotted with MONSTA X members recently as well, more on that here.

Are you excited about MONSTA X’s upcoming comeback?

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  1. I’m both happy and sad. Happy that he’s back and the fact that Wonho was cleared was great. But the boys has been super busy since Follow. That’s when Wonho left and they still had to do music shows. Then they had their American album come out since they signed with a label there. I love those songs. Rumor is they have another release, I think Japanese one. Let the boys take a break. Let’s not forget Shownu will eventually have to enlist. Whoo that’s a lot to deal with.

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