Jay Park Denies Getting Hit By Brian Ortega Was An Orchestrated Publicity Stunt, Jung Chan Sung Comments As Well


Jay Park and Jung Chan Sung (aka the Korean zombie) have made further comments in relation to the recent scuffle that happened a couple of days ago.

Brian Ortega exhibited violence towards Jay Park and slapped him simply for translating something UFC fighter Jung Chan Sung had said in a past interview. They previously responded to Brian Ortega’s actions but some have had doubts, there are those who believe this was merely a publicity stunt to hype up the future fight between Brian Ortega and Jung Chan Sung.

Jay Park took to Twitter to state:

This was in response to people who said he originally mistranslated to agitate Brian Ortega. He also retweeted a video shared by a Korean-English translator who confirmed that Jay Park correctly translated word to word what Jung Chan Sung had said.

Jung Chan Sung made further comments on his Instagram stories, in Korean he wrote,

“Since I joined AOMG, Jay Park hasn’t once told me to trash talk. I don’t know certain words in English so I have asked him before, but he doesn’t concern himself with every little detail. He quietly supports me.

And what do you mean I used Jay Park’s incident as a marketing tactic? I am just so mad I wasn’t there to protect him.”


He later added a story in English that reads,

“I’m positive Jay Park could have defended himself and fought back, but Ortega is a professional UFC fighter who’s ranked at second place worldwide. Jay Park is only a civilian. He waited for me to leave Jay Park by himself to attack him and ran off! I’m really curious to see if his behavior is acceptable in American and Mexican culture? How are people not seeing how wrong this is?”


What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I think some people seriously don’t use their brains because if you paused and thought this through, you can tell it’s not a marketing tactic.

Aside from the fact that I believe Jay Park is too prideful to accept such a cheap tactic, if you look at the history, the pathetic excuse of a fighter- Brian Ortega- said a couple of months ago he’d hit Jay Park after hearing the translation for whatever reason.

Other Korean-English translators are also saying Jay Park translated word to word. I can’t even understand why Brian Ortega is taking it out on the translator to begin with. That guy is a professional fighter who could’ve hurt or seriously injured Jay Park even if Jay knows how to fight, a civilian cannot overtake a professional fighter, it’s just facts.

Even if you don’t know who Jay Park is, if you read any other news site coverage on this issue you will come to the conclusion that Brian Ortega acted out bizarrely. I mean I’d understand if he had attacked Jung Chan Sung since he’s one who said it but to attack the translator is just plain wrong.

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