IU is gaining praise for her generous donations towards many organizations that are currently aiding people amid the coronavirus outbreak.

IU has donated a total of 315 million won (~$264,915) including her sixth donation of 35 million won to various facilities for the vulnerable population.

This is added to 5 more donations she’s made since the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea, she’s one of the most charitable celebrities and is known for being a model taxpayer as well; she was recently picked by the National Tax Service as exemplary taxpayers on the 54th Taxpayer Day.

IU and Lee Seo Jin were two celebrities who received the presidential commendation out of a total of 17 people.

IU also recently donated 100 million won (approximately $83,000) each to Good Neighbors and to the Korea Medical Association. She also donated anti-contamination clothing and masks to the Korea Medical Association to support the medical staff fighting COVID-19.

Netizens are showering IU with praise for her multiple donations in such challenging times.

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