ITZY Lia Faces Criticism For Her Dancing During “Idol Radio” Appearance, Called The ‘Lazy Dancer’ Again


ITZY Lia has become the center of the spotlight again for her dancing!

Netizens had first started talking about Lia’s dancing in 2019 shortly after the group’s debut. Back then, a dance video of their title track “Dalla Dalla” drew attention and Lia was dubbed a ‘lazy dancer.’ Some netizens speculate she either had no energy to dance or doesn’t even try. Since then, Lia has always been the subject of criticism for her dancing.

Fast forward to their most recent comeback, ITZY made a guest appearance on “Idol Radio,” and a video of the group dancing to “WANNABE” was posted shortly after and it attracted attention.

Lia’s dancing made headlines again, many netizens commented on how ‘lazy’ she was again with her movements. Fans are split; some think she’s doing her best while others think she’s not trying hard enough.

Check out the video below and let us know, what do you think of Lia’s dancing? Do you think she needs to work on it more?

My Personal Thoughts

I a fan of this adorable group and have been since the start so I know all about the talk about Lia’s dancing.

As someone who loves dancing, I would like to talk about what I think of Lia’s dancing, take it with a grain of salts, it is my opinion. There is also a clear difference between hate and constructive criticism. Not every single one who’s commenting on Lia’s dancing is a ‘hater’ or means ‘harm.’

I would like to point out that I love her expressions, she’s always smiling, it’s a pleasure to look at her face. However, ITZY’s choreographies are difficult to a degree, it’s been the case for most of their title tracks and I think “WANNABE” is no different.

Personally speaking, it feels like Lia can’t give more energy, this is how I would dance if I hadn’t been eating properly for a couple of days. It also looks like she’s inferior when dancing. when they debuted I saw more energy and calmness in her moves, I can tell that she knows she’s being watched carefully and knows of the hate and criticism she’s been getting.

I don’t 100% blame Lia for her dance abilities, it’s not up to her to choose when she feels comfortable to debut. Many idols have previously stated they would’ve loved to have debuted later because they felt they weren’t ready enough. I can see that Lia still needs practice. Also, she’s part of a group of girls who are VERY charismatic and all of them dance so well.

I hope JYP has a structure in place to help train her to get better and also provide psychological help to help her deal with the criticism. It’s important that this doesn’t crush her soul; she’s only one year into her debut.

Personally speaking, I don’t think of it as a big deal as some are presenting it to be, mainly because ITZY are still rookies and still have lots of time to improve. If Lia was in her 3rd or 4th year, my tone would be VERY different.


  1. I think it’s because her clothes? Because she’s the only one use dress and the skirt is pretty short and tight so if she split her leg more, it will roll up. Just my opinion.

  2. I don’t think that she dances lazily at all! She is perfectly in sync with other members although maybe not in the same level of fierceness. She comes off as sweet and a bit graceful. So I think that it’s unfair of people to give her harsh criticisms. I hope that Lia will continue to work hard and do her best. Lia, fighting!

  3. I LOVE Itzy, and have been following them since their debut, and honestly haven’t seen any real fans split on this: Lia isn’t an amazing dancer, we know this. She still needs work. But if she were in almost any other girl group with more cutesy feminine dances- she would honestly be fine. Her dance skills are maybe just below average girl group idol levels. Itzy’s dances however are generally more difficult, and are a different style to more cutesy dance styles. (This isn’t to say cutesy styles are bad, I LOVE cutesy styles, they’re just different) Itzy’s style involves sharper movements and more energy put into different parts of movements than a cute style dance, which involves more grace and softness, and energy in other places. Lia would dance a cutesy style well. Unfortunately, being in Itzy, she’s with girls who are known as some of the best dancers of the 4th generation. When put in contrast to dancers like Chaeryeong and Yeji, she going to have difficulty matching their energy and skill.
    However, she’s never come off as lazy to me- she’s doing her best to match up with amazing dancers and is putting in the effort to do that- it’s just going to take longer for her to reach that skill level is all.

  4. I have to agree with you. People tend to forget how difficult and rigid idols lives are outside of performances and how that may affect their dancing. At least she is still trying and not doing what Jenny did in the past, making BlackPink look bad by just not doing the dances and giving a bad performance. We also need to remember that Itzy is a group of teenagers. They still have a lot of growing to do, but what they have accomplished so far is really, really impressive!


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