Netizens Question If MBC Is Abusing Their Power Against BTS, Number 1 On Their Music Show Without Appearance

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The question of whether MBC has an issue with Big Hit artists is being raised again after BTS recent comeback.

BTS came back with a new album “Map Of The Soul: 7” and has recently wrapped up their promotions in Korea, however, out of all the music shows, BTS didn’t appear on only one and that is MBC’s “Music Core.”

BTS promoted on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” SBS’ “Inkigayo,” and Mnet’s “M Countdown” but have never once promoted on MBC’s show which raised suspicions again among the fandom and k-netizens.

On March 7 episode of MBC’s “Music Core,” BTS’s “ON” up against IZ*ONE’s “FIESTA” and Block B’s Zico’s “Any Song.” BTS took home the win with a total of 10,518 points, making this their seventh win for “ON” without an appearance.

BTS was also notably absent from MBC’s end-year music festival last year despite appearing on the other main broadcasting channels. The suspicions became wildly known at the time because when TXT made their comeback, they didn’t promote on MBC’s “Music Core” and also didn’t appear on “Idol Athletics Championship,” the same goes for GFRIEND who’s label recently merged with Big Hit.

When questions were raised at the time, MBC firmly responded to the rumors calling them ‘groundless.’ Netizens were still not convinced with their statement and continue to be suspicious of their behavior towards BTS and their labelmates.

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A post on Nate discussing this issue gain lots of views, netizens left comments such as,

As if we need MBCㅋㅋㅋ they don’t even need to be on it ㅋㅋ it’s MBC’s loss ㅋㅋ

Mic drop

MBC, you can keep trying to trample on them all you want, but BTS is another class.

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