The rumors might actually be true!

On March 4, the United Kingdom’s radio channel Capital FM reported that there are rumors of BLACKPINK featuring in Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated upcoming album.

Other accounts on various social media platforms most notably twitter have been talking about the possibility since last night. BLINKs were super excited about it and YG finally issued a statement to address the rumors.

YG Entertainment told the press that BLACKPINK are working on numerous things and ‘its difficult to confirm this information at this point,’ they asked for fans to wait for the official announcement.

BLACKPINK are projected to make their comeback in the first half of 2020 and have reportedly delayed it due to the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. Fans were upset by the news but are now happy that they might get to hear something from BLACKPINK soon.

Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ‘Chromatica’ will be released on April 10.

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Would you like to see them collaborate?


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