HYPEBAE Calls BIGBANG ‘A Group Of Ex-Convicts,’ Says Fans Aren’t Happy About Contract Renewals With YG


HYPEBAE is under fire by BIGBANG fans for an article they published to their website.

A couple of days ago, YG confirmed that BIGBANG had renewed their contracts for the third time, the news was covered by various news outlets all around the world as people’s eyes were on YG and the possibility of one of the biggest boy group renewing their contracts with their label.

News outlet HYPEBAE released an article that and managed to infuriate basically the entire fandom because of the way it was written. The article had many problematic lines including,

“Fans don’t seem to be taking the news too well,”


“A unique group of ex-convicts.”

To make matters worse, the writer of the article wrapped it up by linking back to a BTS article that covers their new song. Fans found HYPEBAE disrespectful and unprofessional and have begun trending a hashtag demanding an apology.

The article has been heavily edited a couple of times according to fans, the content shrunk to a couple of paragraphs and the problematic lines were deleted.

VIPs are still furious with HYPEBAE and are still demanding an apology; they want HYPEBAE to address the situation properly instead of silently editing the article.





Here are some of their tweets:

What do you think of this situation? Do you think they should apologize?


7 thoughts on “HYPEBAE Calls BIGBANG ‘A Group Of Ex-Convicts,’ Says Fans Aren’t Happy About Contract Renewals With YG”

  1. Hell yeah !!!! They should apologize, to bigbang and to us VIPs , how dare this so called journalist say that we are not taking this well !!! We are thrilled, this what we’ve been waiting for since T.O.P enrollment, and how dare they call these young talented artists ex convicts, is the person who wrote that in her right mind !!!! She should be fired and never hired again and banned from journalism

  2. Trash journalism is not new in fact it’s old. Apologize to YG, Big Bang and to VIPs immediately! Your spewing hate and trash and if that’s your gig go write for the White House I’m sure #45 would love it! DO NOT come for YG, BIG BANG and VIPs unless we call for you. Stay in a child’s place and in child’s lane, GET OUT OF OURS! That’s on Seungri,Desung,Taeyang,T.O.P and GD #PERIODT #ApologizeHypeBae

  3. What a question. Of course “THEY” should apologize. Especially that DISRESPECTFUL journalist. Didn’t know Hypebae would hire someone who isn’t capable of writing. What an embarassment to the industry.

  4. They should be appologetic in this matter..not every VIP’S is mad upon their renewal of contract under yg ent.,they had no rights to judge people regarding their past..VIP’S had been through alot along side with bigbang,this renewal matters to those who waited for long time before they got on military service..NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS VIP’S ARE HERE TO SUPPORT!!!!!


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