How Yuna And Ryujin Were Signed To JYP Revealed By The Girls Themselves

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ITZY has been actively promoting their most recent comeback on various music and radio shows, and the girls recently revealed how they were signed to JYP.

ITZY appeared on March 26 episode of ‘Lee Joon’s Young Street,’ the girls answered all sorts of questions including how they were signed to one of the big three.

Yuna revealed that she had gone to an end-year music festival with her older sister in 2015, there a woman came up to her and gave her her business card and told her to call her later.

Ryujin revealed that she was cast after going to see a GOT7 concert, while she was in front of the bathroom, someone asked her if she could give them her number, she says she was suspicious until the end but eventually gave it because the person was ‘so cute.’

DJ Lee Joon who used to be active in MBLAQ revealed that he failed 70 auditions,

“I didn’t audition to JYP. I should’ve gone there. I couldn’t dance.”

Fans are joking around about how they plan on attending JYP artists’ concert and how this could help them get signed faster to the label.

What do you think of the story? Did it shock you?

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