A misunderstanding has aroused after JTBC’s variety program “7.7 Billion in Love” recent episode and for a moment fans thought Heechul had left Super Junior.

On March 16 episode of “7.7 Billion in Love,” Heechul spoke again about his car accident that ruined his left leg, the car accident happened in 2006 and Heechul’s leg condition worsened because he continued to dance despite his injury until the doctor told him he couldn’t use it anymore, he said,

“After hearing I couldn’t use my leg, I told the members, ‘I don’t think I can participate in team promotions anymore,’ but the members told me, ‘you don’t have to dance on stage. We can overcome this together.’”


While Heechul has already told this similar story a couple of times on other variety shows, the editing for this show made it seem as if Heechul had decided to leave Super Junior. The next day, Label SJ issued a statement to news outlets denying that he had left the group.

They stated that Heechul is still a member of Super Junior despite his inability to perform on stage, he still participates in album and other contents shoots. Label SJ also stated that the way that part was edited left room for “misunderstanding.”

Heechul currently promotes on many variety show programs. He also participated in Super Junior’s latest repackaged album “TIMELESS” in January.

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