Gugudan Kim Se Jeong Denies She Fought With Her Members When Asked Why She Moved Out

Gugudan Kim Se Jeong recently appeared as a guest on “I Live Alone” and a question she was asked is making headlines everywhere.

March 13 episode of “I Live Alone” has aired and as usual, many clips of it got attention.

During the episode, Kim Se Jeong was asked ‘who was the member she wanted to meet the most on the show;’ she said that it was Park Na Rae.

It was revealed that Kim Se Jeong has moved into her own place and that it’s been three months since she moved out. It’s been reported that the rest of her group members are still living in a dorm. Curious about the reason artist Kian84 then asked if she fought with her members, Kim Se Jeong firmly responded with no, denying they had fought.

Most idols live in a dorm together until they’re all financially stable enough to move out, usually, the members would move out around the same time and some times, some would prefer to stay in the dorm.

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong is set to release her first solo mini-album on March 17.

Check out the clip where they talk about it below:

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