GOT7 JB Shares Hilarious Creepy Photos Then Takes Them Down Because Of Fans’ Requests


GOT7 JB shared some pretty hilarious photos last night that received mixed reactions from fans.

The photos were shared to his official Instagram account; he used weird filters that made his handsome face almost unrecognizable. The photos drew mixed responses from fans and some asked him to take them down.

JB eventually took the photos down and they’re now nowhere to be found on his profile, netizens had mixed reactions to the news. Some thought fans overstepped their boundaries and shouldn’t have asked him to take these photos down; it’s his profile after all.

Others think its best he deletes them because they’re creepy and unflattering.

Check out the hilarious photos below:

What do you think of this? do you think he should’ve deleted them or kept them up?



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