Gdragon Criticized By K-Netizens For Uploading Something Referencing LSD Use On His Instagram Account

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BIGBANG Gdragon is being criticized by netizens for something he uploaded to his Instagram account!

On March 15, Gdragon uploaded a series of photos to his Instagram account; one of the photos shows a picture of a mouth and tongue taking LSD in the shape of a smiley face.

He’s under fire for posting something that is allegedly drug-influenced and netizens are tying this to the formal investigation he undergone in 2011 for usage of marijuana. The police decided to drop the case since the amount of marijuana in his system was minimal and police concluded that it was not habitual.

Netizens are reminded by his past and are criticizing him for recklessly posting pictures of things that reference drugs, some think he’s looking for attention while others left negative comments to the effect of he’s a part of YG. Netizens call YG a ‘drug store’ which is in reference to the multiple scandals their artists had with drug use.

A fan explained the reason behind his post, it was reportedly inspired by an art piece from the Swedish Screen Printers Association which holds an exhibition yearly, the theme for this year is ‘forbidden’ and the imagery he used could be something in reference to that.

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What do you think of this? Do you think netizens are overreacting again?

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