[BREAKING] Former MONSTA X Member Wonho Cleared Of All Charges Against Him, Will He Ever Come Back? Fans hopeful


MONSTA X fans, we have some great news for you!

On March 14, Starship Entertainment released an official statement regarding the investigation into former MONSTA X member Wonho on charges of marijuana use in 2013.

Wonho was embroiled in controversy in late 2019 when an individual claimed to have witnessed Wonho smoking weed in 2013. Due to this and other controversies, Wonho announced his departure from the group and the label later confirmed they had terminated his contract.

The official statement released by Starship got fans talking, they explain that Wonho has been cleared of all charges related to his case.

According to the statement, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics investigation team concluded their investigation on March 10, and he was cleared of all charges. Wonho fully cooperated with the police during the period of the investigation which has last for five months, the team didn’t find any suspicious activity and the case was put to a close on March 10.

Starship Entertainment added that they’d like to apologize to fans once again for causing great concern,

“We wish to express our deep gratitude to Korean and international fans who watched over the investigation and showed their unchanging support.”

Starship also explained that they minimized media coverage because of the ongoing investigation, they also explain that they had appointed a legal representative to Wonho and closed their statement with,

“We will give Wonho our full support so he can continue down the path he wants in the future.”

Their ending statement is vague and leaves room for interpretation, fans would love to see Wonho return to his group, there is no clarification from Starship as to what ‘continue down the path he wants’ entails and whether it would be a path with MONSTA X or as a soloist.

What do you think of this?

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