Fans Cleverly Send A Strong Message To Starship For Abandoning Wonho Following His Controversies

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Another fandom has done it y’all and used a truck to send a message to another entertainment agency!

It’s been a while since Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X following various controversies that arose in October of 2019. Following his departure announcement, Starship terminated his contract; fans didn’t like the way Starship dealt with the situation surrounding Wonho.

Throughout the past couple of months, Monbebes used all sorts of methods to send a message to everyone who continues to slander/defame/accuse Wonho, and Starship as well. Fans still want Wonho back in MONSTA X and are still upset about how Starship handled the entire situation.

To deliver their message directly to Starship, they found a clever way that was used by other fandoms; they paid a truck with a big screen to sit right in front of Starship headquarters plastering their message for the whole world to see.

They wrote a message both in Korean and English that reads,

“Starship, you cannot erase Wonho. Your company’s success was built partially on his back. Give him credit where it is due, musically and artistically.”

The truck also drove around Seoul showing the message to everyone while also playing footage of MONSTA X as seven members.

Check out some of fans’ taken photos:

Monbebes promise to continue doing their best to protect MONSTA X and Wonho, they want his name cleared and for justice to be served. They also want better treatment for all the members.

What do you think of this?

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