Fans Blown Away After Finding Out Details About How Exclusive BTS Jin Credit Card Is

Young, rich and worldwide handsome BTS Jin has surprised fans yet again!

On March 9 KST, ARMY took to twitter to celebrate Suga’s birthday by trending many hashtags, BTS members also joined in on the fun and shared clips of how they celebrated Suga’s birthday with a dinner.

Considered the eldest of the group, Jin offered to pay for the bill. Suga thanked him and a clip of Jin paying for the meal was shown, the clip circulated online as fans caught a glimpse of Jin’s credit card.

Fans put on their investigative gear and found out surprising details about the card. Turns out it’s a digital Hyundai black card that is only offered to the company’s top 0.05% VVIP consumers.

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Taking a look at their official site, we learned that only 9999 individuals can carry the card making Jin a part of one of the most exclusive social groups in South Korea. The website also explains that the card is invitation only and needs to be approved by the Vice President of Hyundai Card.

And of course, the cardholder enjoys many benefits such as services related to travel, culture, and concierge, vouchers to luxuries, hotels, and beauty services, and a free upgrade to first-class flights.

The card has a yearly membership fee of 2 million won (about $1,700). Fans gasped at the details they found out about the card but are happy to see Jin enjoying the fruits of his hard labor.

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Are you shocked to learn this about Jin?

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