EXO-L ACE Have Finally Gone Too Far, Running An Ad Campaign Requesting Chen From EXO In His Hometown

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Just when you thought they might stop, they surprise you again with more puzzling ideas.

The notorious EXO-L ACE union has come up with an idea that has real EXO fans fuming. They announced they will be running an ad campaign advocating for Chen’s removal from EXO in his hometown, yup, you read that right.

The announcement was made to their official twitter account; they announced the ad campaigns will run using 5 buses in Siheung city, which is Chen’s hometown.

EXO-L ACE is being criticized for being inconsiderate, many believe they’ve crossed the line and are going too far. Some fans are also trying to email SM in hopes of getting a response from them regarding the union continuous terrible campaigns to kick out Chen from EXO despite SM’s clear statement opposing that idea which was released back in February.

Comments on news articles covering this talk about how crazy they must be to ignore what’s happening with the coronavirus, others are saying they’ve gone too far trying to shame his family getting them involved in this.

EXO-L ACE has been doing their best since January to kick out Chen from EXO following his marriage and baby announcement. They claim he has damaged the group by being irresponsible.

What do you think of this?

UPDATE: Chen’s Hometown Shuts Down EXO-L ACE Attempts To Embarrass Chen Out Of EXO By Placing Ads On Their City Buses

My Personal Thoughts

I’m about to lose my shit…. I can’t believe this… I thought this was a joke at first, but you must be one sick bastard to pull this shit.

I can’t even imagine being an idol, Chen is getting married but he has to deal with this shit, I just hope he’s taking care of himself and has people around him who will take care of him and his fiancé so he doesn’t get too affected when he sees stuff like this.

SM is literally doing nothing…. They should’ve threatened to sue malicious commenters back in January but they’re staying quiet. I can’t believe this, I know they can’t kick out the crazy but at least act like you care.

This is an embarrassment to EXO and the fandom as well, that we have such people who would go to such lengths to kick someone out. If you’re a fan of one member of the group continue to support his individual activities and stop supporting the group.  


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