Chungha Confesses That The Past Day Was One Of Her Worst Days After Two Of Her Staff Members Confirmed To Be Infected With Coronavirus

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Chungha has recently sat down to have a heart-to-heart conversation with fans in celebration of her 1000th day debut anniversary.

On March 3, Chungha held a V Live session that lasted for an hour. She spoke about a lot of things with fans including the recently released report about two of her staff members confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

Chungha had visited Italy in late February along with her staff and when they returned one of them noticed they had a fever, he/she tested for the virus and it was confirmed he/she was infected, another staff member was later tested positive as well.

During the V Live, Chungha clarified that it wasn’t her manager that was one of the staff members infected. She clarified that they were in isolation safely even before they were tested positive. She also says she dislikes posts that continue to claim her manager had been infected despite her agency’s clear statement to the press.

She also talked about dealing with negative comments from this news, she says she believes people are looking out for her,

“I am pretty sure they had a pure heart and they said those things about me because they were worried…. And they were interested in me.”

She also said something that worried fans, during the session, she opened up about how difficult this has been on her, she said,

“like yesterday… [talking about March 1st when her agency released the statement] was like… I don’t know, one of my worst days.”

We hope that Chungha is doing better these days!

My Personal Thoughts

In such challenging times, the last we need is shit like this… I don’t get it, throwing hate at celebrities who didn’t know how bad it was. They’re doing their best and in self-isolation… its just sad that some k-netizens continue to spread such rumors that could end up really affecting people’s lives, especially that manager. Leave them alone, please.

Also, I feel so bad for Chungha, she looked so down in that video. I hope she’s doing okay. Fighting!

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