Cheska Dishes On An Open Secret In The Kpop Industry And Comments On Irene And Lisa’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Former female idol FIESTAR member Cheska recent stream has gained lots of attention from various kpop fans for what she said about the industry and some idols.

Cheska has a twitch channel and in her recent broadcast answered various questions about the Kpop industry as a whole and oh boy did she have a lot to say or what.

She spoke about her struggles in the industry and also talked about her experience with many famous kpop idols, she met Hyorin in the bathroom and says she gave her the side-eye after she told her she was done using the bathroom, here is what she said,

She also talked about plastic surgeries in the Kpop industry and talked in details about what type of procedures were the most popular, she says because she knew a lot about the surgeries, she can tell what type of plastic surgery an idol got. She revealed that every kpop idol has gone through surgery and they’re done in a way that makes it look ‘natural.’

She claimed that Irene and Lisa had received plastic surgery looking at their photos.

You can check out her full twitch stream here.

What do you think of what she said?

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  1. I am not surprised because it’s kpop. We all know that there are those secrets that either fans don’t what want to accept or admit about kpop. I love Irene and Lisa, for me Irene does look natural and Lisa could have had a possibility of some type of work but I not going to judge them for that. If it makes them happy then go ahead. Also most kpop stars get plastic surgery before or after debut it’s a natural thing there. Either way I will always support them!!!

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