Chen’s Hometown Shuts Down EXO-L ACE Attempts To Embarrass Chen Out Of EXO By Placing Ads On Their City Buses

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Looks like the city of Siheung wasn’t too thrilled to find out that the infamous EXO-L ACE placed ads on buses demanding Chen’s departure from EXO.

We recently reported on the terrible idea by the infamous so-called EXO-L union who continue to advocate for Chen’s removal from the group. They have been literally doing everything and anything you can possibly think of to kick out Chen from EXO to no avail.

They have been doing this for over three months and the reason is…… Chen ‘ruined’ the group by announcing his marriage and baby plans to the fandom, that’s what they claim at least.

Chen released two statements, and in the second one, he apologized to fans. SM followed with a statement strictly denying they will ever kick out Chen from the group.

That didn’t mean EXO-L ACE would stop because they thought of the terrible idea to place bus ads in his own hometown where his parents live. The ads state that EXO’s future shouldn’t include Chen and that they want him out of EXO.

Shortly after every news outlet beside us covered the news, the city of Siheung revealed that they never gave permission for such advertisements in the first place. They also revealed the ads will be taken down.

Apparently, the ads were pushed without the permission of the city, and according to Korean laws, bus advertisements fall under the category of public transport advertisements and they need permission from the city to run such ads.

“We haven’t received an offer for the advertisement and have never approved it.”

the city of Siheung

The city didn’t give their consent and once they found out through reports, they notified the ad agency and they will be taking them down.

EXO-L ACE actions have led the city to undergo legal countermeasure, they will review their regulations again to ensure such types of advertisements that clearly infringed human rights cannot be placed again like that.

We’re glad the city of Siheung is taking it down!

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  1. This people really need to calm down. If you once a real fan of him then please stop all this nonsense and let the man be happy with his love … I think none of you are really a fan of any K-pop bands . You people are hiding behind fan mask to hide your selfishness , greed and jealousy. My humble request to those fake fan find a way to throw your anger,unsatisfied and unfulfilled dreams somewhere else. Don’t try to spite your weaknesses on someone else.

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