BTS V’s Entire Private Passport Information Allegedly Leaked By A Sasaeng


Fans are furious about learning about a possible leak of BTS V’s passport information.

On March 18, a YouTuber believed to be an ARMY posted a copy of BTS V’s alleged passport was shared to their community tab. The front of the passport was uploaded revealing his real name Kim Tae Hyung, social security number and other information as well.

ARMY freaked out as soon as they found out about the leak. They flocked the channel to demand the YouTuber to take the photo down which they eventually did.

ARMY pointed out that what she/he did was a crime that’s punishable by law, and violation of privacy that could cause V many issues in the future.

However, some fans believe the photo could be forged because unlike official passports, the issue and expiration date are slightly different. Official passports have a validity period of 1, 5 or 10 years; however, the passport photo in question was valid for 4 years.

Regardless of the validity of the photo, fans are furious with the obvious lack of respect for BTS members. They continue to experience some of the worst cases of sasaengs who do crazy things to invade their privacy.

Not too long ago, V pleaded with sasaengs to stop stalking them; he also said he felt scared by them.

BigHit Entertainment has not released an official statement to address the situation yet.

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  1. I really hope this is not true but knowing some people in the fandom it may be. I really really DISLIKE some of their fans. I am ARMY myself but that is it. These are the people that give us bad reputations/name in the K-pop industry as well as in general. I’m so tired of it. These guys are such respectful, hardworking and humble people. They don’t deserve this. #fakefans everywhere that confuse being a dedicated fan with Mania.


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