BTS V Posts A Shirtless Selfie For 30 Seconds, Deletes It And Tells ARMY He’s Watching


BTS V just caused ARMY’s meltdown and he did it in the most epic and sassy way possible.

BTS V is known for being extremely active on Weverse, he usually chats with fans and occasionally posts interesting selfies. However, this time he literally caused the whole fandom to freak out.

On March 20, BTS V thought it would be a good idea to post a shirtless selfie with the caption,

“30 seconds.”

He deleted it 30 seconds later but the mess had just started, fans couldn’t stop gushing over how hot he looked in the photo. A couple of hours later, he followed it with another selfie (that we obviously weren’t ready for) and typed,

“I A M R E A D I N G T H O S E P O S T S.”


Yup, you heard him, guys. Apparently, he’s keeping tabs on our thirst tweets and that’s not exactly the type of response we were hoping for, but again it is expected from the savage chaotic Taehyung.

On a more serious note, we seriously wish he’s just kidding about reading our posts in reaction to his forbidden selfies… ehm.

Twitter is in chaos as you’d expect, here are some of ARMYs most epic reactions to V’s recent actions:


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