BTS Interviewer Calls ARMY ‘Crazy,’ ‘Insane’ And Shows Unprofessionalism During Interview With BTS

A particular interviewer is getting criticized by ARMY after his remarks and heated debates online with the fandom!

BTS appeared on a recent interview with radio personality Syke (@SykeOnAir) to promote their new album, Map of the Soul: 7. However, even before fans had seen the interview they didn’t like the way Syke interacted with them on twitter and for a multitude of reasons.

The majority of the problematic interactions took place in the comment section of the teaser post. He even poked fun at ARMY calling them ‘crazy fanbases’ and showed unprofessionalism when answering the fandom’s questions.

Here are some of the comments he wrote that caused an issue:

In addition to that, he received backlash for posting a video of hair on the street and teasing ARMY that its ‘BTS hair’ then using that to make fun of the ‘crazy fandom.’

BTS fans are sick and tired of being portrayed as ‘crazy fangirls’ and didn’t react well to his ‘jokes’ or comments on his twitter.

And when fans saw the interview, a part of it went viral. When Syke called ARMY ‘insane’ in front of BTS, they were not having it, check out their epic reaction below:

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What do you think of this? Do you think he deserves the backlash or not?

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