Haters Reported BTS “ON” MV For Child Abuse, Did It Affect Their First 24 Hours Views Count?

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Some ARMY have been bringing others’ attention to something that happened on the day BTS released their MV for the title “ON.”

With success comes a lot of hate and since BTS is the biggest boy group in the world and one of the bestselling artists, it’s likely they’ll have haters who are out to cause them issues and fans seem to believe that’s the case with this new revelation.

Some ARMY have noticed that on the day “ON” MV was released, some twitter accounts had been bragging about reporting the MV for ‘child abuse’ attempting to get it flagged and disrupt the hard work the fans have been putting in to make new records.

Constantly flagging any video on YouTube would probably result in a team member of YouTube taking a look at the video to assess the situation. Some ARMYs believe that their attempts had actually caused issues with the views, while others disagree.

The reason for flagging the content ‘child abuse’ is unknown but it seems to be connected to the child actress present in the MV. Regardless, fans believe it’s such a low move from haters who are trying to bring down BTS.

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