Why BIGBANG Highly-Anticipated Comeback Through Coachella Will Likely Be Delayed


Looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to see BIGBANG on stage as four members!

Previously, it was confirmed that BIGBANG will be one of the performers at one of the biggest and most prestigious music festivals in the United States, Coachella.

Initially, Coachella was set in April which is less than a month away from now. However, the situation is dire right now because of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to high-level sources, it is being said that officials with promoter Goldenvoice are working on a plan to move Coachella to the weekends of October 9 and 16 in hopes of saving the festival from cancellation amid concerns of the coronavirus outbreak.

Countless events, festivals, and gatherings are being canceled everywhere around the world and the USA is only now beginning to test its citizens for the coronavirus, experts estimate the number of cases in the United States will likely rise in the upcoming days.

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Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.

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My Personal Thoughts

I won’t be going to the festival but I was excited to see them again on stage, but it’s for the better to move the festival date.

My heads begin to spin as soon as I start thinking about how much the coronavirus outbreak is causing damages. Coachella is a gathering of large crowds, if one or two has the virus, they will spread it to the rest in a matter of hours. It’s very risky to hold any festival anywhere around the world as we speak.

We should prioritize everybody’s safety until the virus is contained. I feel like many Kpop acts upcoming tours in the US will also be cancelled within the next days.

Stay safe everyone and please wash your hands regularly.


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