Angry EXO-Ls Send Boxes Of Destroyed Chen Merchandise To SM And Continue To Demand His Departure

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In today’s absurd news, we have angry ‘EXO-Ls’ again telling SM they don’t want Chen to stay a part of EXO by doing something that will go down in history as one of the most absurd illogical things kpop fans have ever done.

Last month, Chen released a second apology explaining his side of the story to all those angry fans who thought his first letter was inadequate and not apologetic enough. This was followed by a statement from SM in which they denied they will let go of Chen or kick him out of EXO because of his marriage and baby news.

That didn’t mean some ‘fans’ were going to stop because they continue to criticize SM for their statement while expressing why they want him to leave. They recently started trending hashtags asking Chen to leave the group using #양심없는 첸 탈퇴해 (Leave the group, Chen who has no dignity), and another hashtag #첸 택배총공 (Chen delivery package).

The delivery package is in reference to something absurd that fans have done, they shipped boxes of destroyed Chen merchandise to SM’s company. Various fans posted photos of the boxes they sent on twitter.

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Comments from these so-called fans include ‘this is the last time I spend my money on Chen,’ ‘I just sent my package to SM,’ and more.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

You’d think a big company like SM would be able to control the backlash but then you’d be wrong. SM fandoms are notorious for being toxic when agitated (not saying everyone is but there are some crazy stories out there).

This is in part due to SM’s method of handling their idols. If you continue to feed into these girls fantasies this is what you’ll end up with. Instead of trying to showcase idols as artists and singers, they showcase them as possessions. For Christ’s sake, they have a virtual dating app featuring Irene that you can take on a date… if that isn’t peak creepy I don’t know what is. They’re monetizing those fanboys fantasies… Imagine if one day Irene confirms she’s dating, her group could be over. I couldn’t live with such pressure.

Chen is irreplaceable and SM spent so much money to debut EXO but still can’t for the life of them market their idols better. The least they could is sue malicious commenters and those who spread false rumors. A couple of thousand dollars aren’t much for SM.

They’re one of the leading Kpop companies and can bring about change if they decided to, but they chose not to and will continue to have to deal with such news in the future.

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