Actor Moon Ji Yoon Did Not Pass Away Due To The Coronavirus, His Agency Clarifies

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The Korean entertainment industry was shaken to its core last night after it was revealed that Moon Ji Yoon had tragically passed away, the actor was only 36 years old.

Through the initial report, it was confirmed that he had passed away due to acute septicemia (a serious infection in the blood). His agency explained that he had a sore throat that caused a fever, he was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago, his health didn’t improve and he went into ICU where he passed away.

Since some of his symptoms resemble the symptoms of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, some netizens began to speculate that he might’ve been infected. But his agency released a second statement denying those rumors.

They explained that he tested negative for the virus and it’s the reason why he was allowed to be hospitalized adding,

“He was rushed to the emergency room after he got a bacterial infection from his sore throat. His symptoms worsened in the emergency room.”

They also explained that his fever severely damaged his organs. The CEO also revealed in an official statement that Moon Ji Yoon tried to fight through the pain himself likely because he didn’t want to be hospitalized because of the coronavirus pandemic, but when his mother discovered him in a bad condition, she rushed him to the hospital.

Moon Ji Yoon debuted as an actor in 2002 and has been working in the industry for nearly two decades.

May his soul rest in peace!

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