Actor Lee Yi Kyung Saves A Man From Committing Suicide, Heroic Act Belatedly Makes Headlines


Actor Lee Yi Kyung is making headlines for his kind swift actions.

On March 26, various media outlets began reporting on how Actor Lee Yi Kyung was involved in the rescue and aid of a man who attempted suicide on Hannam Bridge. 

The incident had reportedly taken place on the morning of March 19, an intoxicated individual attempted to throw themself in front of a moving truck on Hannam Bridge. The truck saw the man and was able to avoid disaster, however, the individual continued to walk on the path of other moving vehicles.

One witness at the scene reported that a truck driver got out of his truck to hold the person back, Lee Yi Kyung’s car was behind him so he also got out to help with the issue, he held the intoxicated individual back from causing more danger to himself and others. He held on to him for a long time before help arrived at the scene while the man kept trying to either jump at moving cars or jump off the bridge.

Lee Yi Kyung had reportedly also took off his coat for the man who was shivering, the witness commended Lee Yi Kyung’s kind actions that helped save the man’s life. Police later arrived at the scene and took the man to safety.

And it turns out that Lee Yi Kyung’s agency had no idea about what had happened and after checking with Lee Yi Kyung found out the story was indeed true. The agency told YTN that he ran out to help because the situation looked dangerous.

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Lee Yi Kyung was recently appointed as the promotional ambassador for emergency response phone line ‘112’ in Korea.

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