YouTube Deleting Millions Of Views From BTS Newest MV For “ON”? Fans Discouraged

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It seems that YouTube is back at it again with deleting views from Kpop MVs when fans are busy streaming!

ARMY has long had discord with the platform because they deleted a lot of BTS MV views from previous releases. Every single time BTS releases a comeback, fans experience frustration because YouTube keeps deducting views.

It got them into controversy last year, fans even trended a hashtag to complain about this and YouTube response only added fuel to the fire. This year, it seems to be no exception, because fans have caught YouTube deleting views from “ON.” Check out some fans tweets about this below:

Last year, the fandom was able to break through milestones in views in such short periods and despite the anticipation for this album, the fandom feels discouraged because despite streaming the views seem to be stuck.

As of this writing (February 22, 7:14 AM KST), “ON” has amassed over 29.3 million views and 4 million likes.

Here is how the fandom is dealing with this:

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If you haven’t done so yet, check out the MV below:

[fusion_youtube id=”gwMa6gpoE9I” alignment=”” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” /]

Are you currently streaming?

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  1. I streamed for almost 24 hours and them deleteng the views is just so frustrating
    They don’t want BTS to get recognition.
    lso those Antifans who say we just do it because of the views should go to hell because some Armys like me cant afford the album and this is my way of showing my love to BTS
    also i only streamed with one account and followed all youtube rules so ive the views back pls we went from 140 million to 44 million how is that possible
    Also all fans do this so stop bullying ARMY

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