YG Entertainment Has Filed To Trademark BLACKPINK Lisa’s Real Name


Fans have discovered something that’s gaining mixed reactions!

It’s been recently reported that YG Entertainment has filed to trademark BLACKPINK Lisa’s real name. YG Entertainment has just registered “Lalisa Manobal” and “Manobal” as trademarks, which is based on her real name.

The trademark registration is for outerclothing. Fans shared mixed reactions to the news; some believe it’s for Lisa’s best interest as it protects her from others who plan on using her name to profit from it without giving her a cut of the profits, while others believe it’s not YG’s right to trademark her real name for their own benefit since now it means that YG owns the rights to her name and can use it to profit off of everything in outerclothing with her name on it.

Others talked about how similar this situation is to another one with other YG artists that was brought up recently. It was revealed by industry insiders that Taeyang and Gdragon will not be able to use their names if they leave YG Entertainment, the four BIGBANG members contracts are reported to be expiring soon.

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While Lisa’s surname is often spelled as “Manoban”, the correct spelling is with “Manobal”, “Manoban” is the phonetic spelling of her name.

Here is how fans are reacting to this:

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What do you think of this issue?

2 thoughts on “YG Entertainment Has Filed To Trademark BLACKPINK Lisa’s Real Name”

  1. Lisa is smart enough and talented enough to know her fans will love her and follow any name she uses. YG is a sleazeballbut it is business I believe, not personal. She
    Will be fine.

  2. Honestly Lisa has a private lawyer and manager as far as i can see they are trying to protect her and the whole name thing is speculation Minzy is still Minzy CL is still CL and Park Bom is still Park Bom GD and Taeyang both have shares in YG Ent they have no plans to leave and if like Psy they do YG is not SM they will keep their names i expect Jennie Jisoo and Rose will be following Lisa in this but Lisa has her dancing and now clothing and needs to go first.


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