Guess who’s debuting a new girl group in 2020?

On February 27, News outlet SPOTV reported that YG was working on launching a new girl group in the second half of 2020. According to the report, YG has already finalized the group members and even signed artists’ contracts with them, recently. The report went viral immediately to mixed reactions at best.

YG Entertainment issued a response to the report confirming that they’re indeed working on a girl group but the exact dates are yet to revealed, they told fans the official announcement will be released later on.

YG added,

“We’re currently focusing on a new album preparation for BLACKPINK and WINNER.”

YG recently confirmed WINNER would be coming back soon, while BLACKPINK had been rumored to be coming back in the first half of 2020 for almost half a year. The comeback dates kept getting delayed and recently, a report revealed that BLACKPINK’s comeback is reportedly not happening in March as expected due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Added to that, YG is also working on debuting a new boy group, TREASURE.

The confirmation is angering BLINKs who had been demanding BLACKPINK comeback and Rose’s solo for the longest time. Despite BLACKPINK’s huge success, YG didn’t seem to capitalize on that properly. Unlike other Kpop groups who are making waves in the west, BLACKPINK hadn’t had a comeback for almost a year, the girls have released only 12 songs despite debuting a while ago and they haven’t released a full album yet.

What are your thoughts on YG’s statement?

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My personal thoughts

O.M.G… At first, I thought it was a legit joke….. Don’t worry too much guys, YG aren’t that trustworthy with the dates…. Despite being an agency that has been around for a very long time, it still feels that YG is a startup to me. I can’t understand their business decisions at all and they’re terrible at multi-tasking despite making 10s of millions of dollars yearly in profit.

While other girl groups who debuted even younger than BLACKPINK continue to rise and make more albums, the girls aren’t doing anything. You don’t have to be a savvy businessman to want to take advantage of BLACKPINK rise.

Anyone in his right mind would be overworking BLACKPINK at this point giving them multiple comebacks, not saying that’s the way to go but generally speaking any other Korean agency would’ve done so.

They have a dedicated following, its sad that the fandom is working so hard to have a successful comeback only to hear this. I’ve been thinking about it today and it feels that history is repeating itself…. I am constantly reminded of what happened to 2NE1….. lets cross our fingers and hope they don’t have the same fate.


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